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The TBM1&2 Breakthrough Ceremony of the Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project
Embassy of Japan in Kuala Lumpur
19th February 2014

    The TBM1&2 Breakthrough Ceremony of the Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project, a collaboration between the Japanese Government and the Malaysian Government under a yen-loan (up to approx. eighty two billion Japanese Yen), was held in Hulu Langat, Selangor on 19th February, 2014.

    The section of the TBM1&2 was the last remaining section of the 44.6km tunnel which started construction in 2009. All excavation work has been completed with this final breakthrough.

    The ceremony was attended by approximately 200 people including Dr. Kazuhiro Kawase, Counsellor and Head of the Economic Section of the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, Y.Bhg. Dato’ Dr. Zullkefle bin Nordin, Director of the Pahang - Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, other representatives from the federal government of Japan and Malaysia as well as journalists from both countries.

    During the ceremony, representatives from the Japanese and Malaysian organizations turned on the inaugural switch for the final breakthrough boring and witnessed the completion of the final breakthrough.

The aim of this project is to distribute about 1.89 billion litres of water per day from the state of Pahang to the state of Selangor and the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. The project started in June 2009. The tunnel length is 44.6km and it is the 11th longest tunnel in the world. Another characteristic of the tunnel is the large overburden (distance of the tunnel from the surface of the earth); the tunnel has a maximum overburden of 1,246m with about 5km of the tunnel section with an overburden of more than 1,000m.

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Welcome Speech by Y.Bhg. Dato Dr. Zullkefle, KeTTHA

Final Boring Switching

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Participants in the Ceremony

Completion of Breakthrough

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Speech by Representative of Contractor Speech by Dr. Kawase, Embassy of Japan


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