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Additional Emergency Assistance to Malaysia in Response to the Flood Disaster
16 January 2015

1.       The government and people of Japan express full-hearted sympathy with the people in Malaysia, where recent heavy rain has caused the massive floods resulting in 17 death tolls as well as the evacuation of over 240,000 people.

2.       On 1st January, the Government of Japan provided emergency relief goods worth over RM500,000 (no less than 19 million yen) in the form of items such as generators, water purifiers and other humanitarian goods for victims in the aftermath of this unprecedented flood disaster.

3.       As the circumstances still persist, the Government of Japan has further decided to respond to the request of assistance from the Malaysian Government by immediately offering additional emergency items including tents, blankets and other humanitarian goods worth over RM300,000 (no less than 10 million yen) to ease the hardships of people affected by the flood disaster.

            4.       The Government of Japan always stands ready to assist Malaysia in such tragic circumstances, and earnestly 
            hopes that the Malaysian government and people will continue to face adversity with courage, and to bring back 
            stable life to people in those areas as soon as possible.


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