Studying in Japan

Education Counselling Services

Japan Information Service, Embassy of Japan is glad to provide advice and useful information to Malaysian students who wish to further their education in Japanese institutions and universities. The Embassy of Japan has appointed an experienced education counsellor who graduated from a Japanese university to provide competent guidance. 

Should you have any queries regarding education matters, such as procedures for entry into Japanese universities, qualifications, accommodation, courses available, semesters, scholarships and etc., please do not hesitate to visit our office or call our education counsellor for further assistance.

Schedule of Education Counselling Services (Yellow)

Let's Study in Japan Leaflet 
MyStudy in Japan Booklet 

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarships

The Government of Japan offers the following scholarship programmes each year for Malaysian nationals to apply. 
Interested applicants are advised to read the guidelines carefully. Unless stated otherwise, scholarship applications should be made to the Embassy of Japan, Kuala Lumpur. Please note that the requirements and application period differ among these programmes.

Look East Policy

The Malaysian Look East Policy

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