Visa Requirement for Non-Malaysian Nationals

Visa exemption countries and regions
Foreign nationals from some countries and regions are exempted from visa to enter Japan. Please click here to check the list of countries or regions that do not require a visa to enter Japan.

Criteria to apply visa in Malaysia
Foreigners (non-Malaysian nationals) who wish to apply for Japan visa at the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia must meet the criteria below:

1) You are a permanent resident in Malaysia with My PR card or
2) You have a valid Malaysia long term visa (total duration of visa must be one year and above) in the passport, e.g. employment/ student/ dependent/ MM2H visa/ Residence pass.
Please take note that Embassy of Japan in Malaysia do not accept visa applications from those who are under short social visit pass such as tourists, short-term business travelers and foreigners transiting in Malaysia.

Visa application requirements
Please refer to the links below for visa application requirement according to your purpose of visit:

1.  Tourism/ Transit 
2.  Business 
3.  Spouse of Japanese National (Short Term Visit less than 90 days) 
4.  Spouse of Japanese Nationals (Long Term stay) 
5.  Visiting Family/ Friends / Relatives 
6.  Long-Term Stay such as work or study (with Certificate of Eligibility) 
7.  Domestic Helper Accompanying Employer for Holiday/ Transit 

Required documents may vary according to nationality, visa type in Malaysia and purpose of visit. The requirements listed here only serve as a basic guideline. Please note that visa is subjected to approval by Consul and the Embassy reserves the rights to request for additional documents or call the applicant for an interview whenever it deems necessary.

Walk-ins are not allowed at the moment. Please refer to this page to make an appointment in advance and wait for us to confirm your appointment before visiting the Embassy.