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Useful Information for Traveling in Japan
General Information
Web Japan
Japan National Tourist Organizatoin (JNTO)  
Practical Travel Guides

Regional Information
Regions & Cities (Web Japan)
Browse by Destinations (JNTO)

Weather Information
One-Week Forcasts

Radiation Information
Radiation Monitoring Map
FAQ on radiation

Earthquakes and Tsunami Information
Information on earthquakes
Information on tsunami
Flow of issuance of information about tsunami and earthquake
Travel Information: Tottori Earthquakes
Travel Information: Kumamoto Earthquakes

Event Calender
Japan Event Calendar (JNTO)
Traditional Annual Events (JNTO)
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Affordable Japan
Dine (JNTO)
See and Experience (JNTO)
Travel (JNTO)
Stay (JNTO)

Transportation (JNTO)
Accomodations (JNTO)
Accomodations (Japan Links)

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