Greetings from Ambassador Oka

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I thank you heartily for visiting the website of the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia.
On November 7, 2019, I arrived in Malaysia as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Malaysia. This is the first time for me to visit this country, and I was literally mesmerized by the beauty of the vast expanse of the lush green forests seen beneath the wings of the descending airplane I was onboard and deeply impressed by the remarkable development of Kuala Lumpur city whose landscape is filled with so many high-rise buildings.
Since the independence of Malaysia in 1957, Japan and Malaysia have enjoyed the cordial and friendly relationship between them. We feel greatly honoured to have received both His and Her Majesty, The King and The Queen of Malaysia in Japan who attended Sokui-no-rei, the Ceremonies of the Accession to the Throne of His Majesty, The Emperor, in Japan last October. His Majesty the Emperor of Japan himself visited Malaysia in 2017, as the then Crown Prince, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Malaysia. Such cordial and strong ties of friendship between the Imperial and the Royal families of our respective countries is indeed a symbol of the long-lasting friendship between the two countries.
This time-honoured friendship between the two countries are, above all, the very result of the continuous efforts made by the many people of both countries at all levels who have strived hard to strengthen the bilateral relations. In the economic field at present, for instance, approximately 1,400 Japanese companies are in operation across Malaysia. They have greatly contribute to the development of Malaysia through including creation of the job opportunity, technology transfer, and the export of various “Made-in-Malaysia” products to the global market. We are truly grateful for the generous support provided by Malaysia, including emergency energy supply, when the Great East Japan Earthquake hit our land in 2011.
It gives us great pleasure that Japan has been able to welcome more than 17,000 trainees and students from Malaysia over the course of 30 years through their “Look East Policy” . We are very happy to see so many alumni succeed in various fields in Malaysia. Furthermore, more than 450,000 Malaysians visited Japan last year, which was the largest ever number in the record. I sincerely hope many more people from Malaysia will visit Japan and enjoy our unique culture next year when the Olympic and the Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo. Such broad based people-to-people exchanges at the grass root levels have firmly cemented our friendly ties we are enjoying today.
Particularly delightful is that the deepening of our exchanges is taking place in both ways. We welcome the increase in investments from Malaysia to Japan and we are also pleased to see over 1,000 Japanese students studying now in Malaysia.
Prime Minister Mahathir agreed with Prime Minister Abe on his visit to Japan in 2018 to rejuvenate “Look East Policy” and strengthen our cooperation in every field covering political, security, economic, medical, cultural and educational fields. Building upon the leaders’ agreement, I will spare no efforts throughout the term of my office in Malaysia to work for bringing our two countries closer and further strengthening the long-term friendship between our countries in cooperation with the people of Malaysia. In this regard, I would sincerely like to seek your kind support.