Award Ceremony and Orientation for the 2018 Japanese Government Scholarship recipients

       On 27 March, 2018, the Embassy of Japan hosted an award ceremony and orientation for the 2018 Japanese Government Scholarship recipients at the Ambassador's Residence.
       Set to fly this April or October, 24 promising students have been selected to further and pursue their studies in Japanese universities on this scholarship; 1 student for undergraduate course, and 23 students for postgraduate courses.
       Minister Hiroyuki ORIKASA said “You will have a golden opportunity to learn more about Japan and the people, and at the same time, a good occasion to introduce Malaysia’s beautiful, unique and diverse culture to the Japanese people as young ambassadors of Malaysia in Japan.” in his speech.
Orientation session for the scholarship recipients
Presentation of Study in Japan by ex-student
Speech by Mr. Orikasa, Minister, Embassy of Japan
Speech by Dr. Ooi, Former Chairman of JAGAM
Speech by Mr. Mohd Shahfie, Principal Assistant Director, JPA
Award certificate by Mr. Orikasa, 
Minister, Embassy of Japan