Important notice on TEMPORARY SUSPENSION of “Residence Track”: Phased Measures for Resuming Cross-Border Travel (updated on 13th January 2021)

1 General border control measures regarding Malaysia
Currently, Japan takes the border control measures below regarding Malaysia:
 - Validity of single and multiple-entry visas issued by 27th March 2020 by Japanese Embassy and Consulate General in Malaysia has been suspended for the time being;
 - Since 28th March 2020 and for the time being, visa exemption measures with Malaysia has been temporarily suspended, and;
 - Since 3rd April and for the time being, foreign nationals who have stayed in Malaysia within 14 days prior to the application for landing into Japan are subject to the denial of permission to entry into Japan, unless special exceptional circumstances are found, or having the status of residence and a valid re-entry permit.
For the detail of these measures, please refer to the relevant page of the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan .
2 “Residence Track” with Malaysia
(*IMPORTANT NOTICE: updated on 13th January 2021*)
1) Following the declaration of the state of emergency for some prefectures of Japan, “Residence Track” explained below is TEMPORARY SUSPENDED from 12.00 am on 14th January 2021 (Japan Standard Time) until the state of emergency declaration in Japan is lifted, and the new entry of foreign nationals under “Residence Track” is not permitted in the said period.

2) Holders of valid visas already issued under “Residence Track” are in principle permitted to enter Japan until 12:00 am (Japan Standard Time) on 21st January 2021, except for those who have stayed in the United Kingdom or the Republic of South Africa within 14 days before applying for entry into Japan. Among foreign nationals who newly enter Japan with valid visas already issued under “Residence Track”, those who cannot submit the certificate of pre-entry COVID-19 testing result within 72 hours prior to departure will be requested to stay at the location designated by the Chief of the Quarantine Station (limited to accommodation facilities designated by their hosting company/entity). They are required to take the COVID-19 test again on the third day at the responsibility of their hosting company/entity and to inform its result to the Chief of the Quarantine Station, and are requested to self-quarantine at home for the remaining period of 14 days after entering Japan.
3) Foreign nationals (including Malaysian nationals) having the status of residence and a valid re-entry permit or those with special exceptional circumstances are still allowed to enter Japan, but they are required to follow the latest border enforcement measures.
4) For the latest border enforcement measures, please refer to the relevant pages of the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
5) (Below is only for your reference: as of 2nd September 2020)
Separated from the border control measures above (Paragraph 1), on 8th September 2020, the Government of Japan (GOJ)  started “Residence Track” which allows Malaysian Nationals, residing in Malaysia, the resumption of travel, primarily by business travelers and others, for entry into Japan from Malaysia. This “Residence Track” is part of the scheme of “Phased Measures for Resuming Cross-Border Travel” and the traveler under “Residence Track” must follow the general quarantine measures (Note) and additional quarantine measures including obtaining a certificate of negative result of pre-entry PCR test conducted within 72 hours prior to departure.
(Note: Testing for COVID-19 upon arrival at the airport, and 14-days refraining from using public transportation and staying at home or a place designated by the Chief of the Quarantine Station)
The details, conditions and procedures of the “Residence Track” on the travel from Malaysia to Japan are announced in the relevant page of the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and updated time to time, so please refer to it.