Port call of JS AKEBONO and goodwill exercise with KD JEBAT

From 1st to 2nd April, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) vessel, JS AKEBONO of Overseas Training Squadron made a port call at Port Klang and successfully carried out goodwill exercise with Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) vessel, KD JEBAT successfully carried out goodwill exercise. During the pot call, a ceremony was held to exchange gifts, followed by online speech and briefing to the aviation cadets on board JS AKEBONO. Through these programs, JMSDF and RMN were able to connect and deepen the mutual understanding and enhance bilateral cooperation between Japan and Malaysia.
The events of JS AKEBONO port visit at Port Klang were as follows:
1st April
   JS AKEBONO’s port call welcomed by RMN officers and Ambassador Oka at Port Klang
   Gift presentation between JMSDF officers and RMN officers
   Online speech by Ambassador Oka to the aviation cadets on board
   Online briefing by RMN Aviation officer in Lumut to the aviation cadets on board
2nd April
   Goodwill exercise between JS AKEBONO and KD JEBAT

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