Information about Study in Japan : Online Seminar

   On 6th February, “Study in Japan” online seminar was held by “Alumni Look East Policy Society (ALEPS)”. This event was intended to serve as an one-stop seminar to provide Information about study in Japan.
   Ambassador Oka attended the seminar and stated Japan offers unique educational opportunities and welcomes many more Malaysian students to come to Japan for study. He also stated that Japan has produced a lot of Nobel Prize Winners in natural science in 21st century, which is the largest number only after US.
   In this unique online seminar, you can find full valuable information about educational opportunities in Japan, including undergraduate and postgraduate as well as Technical Colleges (KOSEN). You can also find information about preparatory programs in Malaysia. Furthermore, you will find availability of various scholarship which will help you reach Japan for study.
   I am sure the “Study in Japan” seminar will bring Japan much closer to you! Why don’t you visit the Facebook page of ALEPS as below↓

1. Why study in Japan?
Presentation by ALEPS Japan as a study destination.
・Why Japan?
・Living in Japan
・Job opportunity for Japanese University graduates
Presentation by JASSO Overall explanation about Japanese education system
(KOSEN, University etc)
How to apply to Japanese University (EJU examination)
2. Preparatory Program
Presentation by INTEC Why study in Technical Colleges (KOSEN)?
Presentation by AAJ Course offered by AAJ
・Undergraduate (Engineering)
Presentation by PBT Course offered by PBT
Presentation by UNIKL UNIKL twinning program
 ・Undergraduate (Engineering)
3. Scholarship Information
JPA JPA scholarship availability and application method
MARA MARA scholarship availability and application method
Petronas PETRONAS scholarship availability and application method
Embassy of Japan MEXT scholarship availability and application method
JASSO JASSO scholarship availability and application method