Ambassador Oka attended the World Halal conference 2020

On 6 October, Ambassador Oka attended the World Halal conference 2020 as one of the panelists at the Ambassador’s session with His Excellency Andrew John Lech Goledzinowski AM, High Commissioner of Australia and His Excellency Naiyl M. Latypov, Ambassador of The Russian Federation. In the session, Ambassador Oka stated Japan’s initiatives to promote halal industry and discussed how we can grow halal industry.
In the session, Ambassador Oka stated that good cooperation is ongoing between Japan and Malaysia in the area of halal. He further stated as follows;
1)  There are 7 institutions in Japan that are recognized by JAKIM as Halal certification body and, as a result of the increase of Muslim tourists visiting Japan including those from Malaysia, the number of restaurants in Japan that serve Halal food is on the increase and the size of Halal market in Japan has doubled in ten years reaching about 1 billion US Dollars. Halal market in Japan is expected to increase further in the light of the Tokyo Olympic in 2021 and the Osaka-Kansai Japan Expo in 2025

2)  For the purpose of promoting cooperation for developing Halal industry, cooperation is going on between JICA and HDC (Halal Development Corporation).
There is also an going cooperation between METI and the Ministry of entrepreneur and cooperatives for the development of Halal industry.

3) Thanks to its globally recognized JAKIM Halal certification, Malaysia is regarded as an entry point for Japanese food product in to the wider Middle Eastern and Islamic markets. Many leading Japanese food companies have made investment in Malaysia and export their product overseas with Malaysia’s Halal certification.

4) Halal product is regarded as clean and healthy and demand for Halal product is expected to increase in the COVID-19 situation.
Watch this clip to see the highlights on the forum.