Japan-Malaysia Summit Meeting

Provisional Translation

Japan-Malaysia Summit Meeting
On 12th June, commencing at around 10:25 for approximately 70 minutes, Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, held a meeting with the Honourable Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia. The overview is as follows. Mr. Yasutoshi Nishimura, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and others also attended the meeting. 
(1) At the outset, Prime Minister Abe congratulated Prime Minister Mahathir on his victory at the 14th general elections and stated that it is delightful to see him visiting Japan for his first overseas tour after being elected as Prime Minister. In addition, Prime Minister Abe mentioned that Look East Policy initiated by Prime Minister Mahathir had developed bilateral cooperation of education, human capital development, technology transfer and industry deepening the bond between two nationals and said that with that as foundation he would like to expand, deepen and elevate the cooperative relations onto a new level.  In response, Prime Minister Mahathir stated that he is pleased to see Prime Minister Abe, thanked for the congratulatory message following his election victory, and mentioned that with the newly formed government, he wishes to further strengthen the relationship with Japan, as he is a frequent visitor to Japan. 
(2) Prime Minister Abe stated that he would like to further discuss measures to up-grade Look East Policy and build up a mutually beneficial cooperative relationship through utilisation of Japanese science and technology, and its workplace ethics as well as taking advantage of Malaysian vitality in Japan and throughout the region.  Prime Minister Abe mentioned that CEO of Hitachi Malaysia and the founder of Silverlake Group are both Japanese university alumni being a driving force of Malaysian development, and Japan would like to promote human resource development for those who can succeed in various fields through expanding Japanese education as well as receiving foreign students and trainees. He also mentioned that Japan will start invitation program of high school students for further youth exchange. Prime Minister Mahathir stated that when he launched Look East Policy, he observed the Japanese cultural aspect in finding ways to develop a nation, especially the Japanese work ethic, and said that he would like to strengthen anew Look East Policy.
(3) Furthermore, Prime Minister Abe stated that Japan is the largest investor to Malaysia, with 1,400 Japanese companies operating and creating 340,000 jobs. He said that he would like to enhance defence and maritime security cooperation and build on tangible cooperation with Malaysia and ASEAN member states for realisation of Free and Open Indo Pacific Ocean, based on the rule of law. In response, Prime Minister Mahathir stated that confrontation and tensions in the region are not desirable and expressed the importance of securing the freedom of navigation. 
(4) Additionally, the two leaders exchanged opinion on regional issues including North Korea, on which they discussed the importance of securing tangible actions from North Korea for comprehensive resolution of outstanding issues including abduction, nuclear and missile development.