Japan Self-Defence Forces Day Reception 2018

Japan Self-Defense Forces Day Reception 2018 was held on 11th July 2018 at the Ambassador’s residence. The Embassy of Japan celebrated the 64th anniversary of the foundation of the Japan Self-Defense Forces with high ranking officials of the Ministry of Defence and the Malaysian Armed Forces, Ambassadors and Military Attaches from diplomatic corps, Japanese residents in Malaysia. Tuan Mohamad Sabu, Defence Minister of Malaysia and Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman bin Hj Ahmad Badaruddin, Chief of Navy, blessed the occasion with their presences. In Addition to that, Mr. Taro Kono, Foreign Minister of Japan who visited Malaysia, also attended and made a speech at the reception. 

Front from left, Ambassador Miyagawa, Tuan Mohamad Sabu, Defence Minister of Malaysia.

From left, Mr. Kono, Foreign Minister of Japan, Defence Minister, Ambassador.

From left, Defence Minister, Foreign Minister, Ambassador.

From left, Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, Ambassador.

From left,Ambassador, Admiral Tan Sri Kamarulzaman, Chief of Navy, Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, Dato’Junaidah, Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Defence, Col Mizokami.

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