2024 Nominations for "Hamaguchi Award" have started and "Hamaguchi Essay Contest 2024 for High School Students"


1 Nominations for "Hamaguchi Award" for individuals and/or organizations that have made significant contributions to the enhancement of coastal resilience against tsunami, storm surge and other coastal disasters, have started. Application period is until 31 May, 2024.
※Link: https://www.pari.go.jp/event/seminar/hamaguchi-award/2024/2024-boshu/index.html
2 As an initiative to further educate and disseminate coastal disaster prevention technologies,we hold "Hamaguchi Essay contest" for young people who is expected to lead the next generation. Application period is until 31 July, 2024.
※Link: https://www.pari.go.jp/event/seminar/hamaguchi-award/2024/2024-sakubun/index.html