Ambassador Oka’s visit to Hokto Malaysia Sdn Bhd

On 24th September, Ambassador and Madam Oka visited Hokto Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Hokto Malaysia is the Malaysian subsidiary of Hokuto Corporation in Japan and produces mushrooms at their factory in Negeri Sembilan. Their products are certified as Halal by JAKIM and sold in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries including Singapore.

Hokto Malaysia produces “Bunashimeji” and “Bunapi” mushrooms in cultivation rooms by using advanced Japanese technology. The company places much importance on food safety and quality. Temperature and humidity are properly controlled and no pesticides are used in their cultivation rooms.

In addition to their delicious taste, Hokto Malaysia’s mushroom products are increasingly popular as people become more health conscious in Malaysia. Hokto Malaysia contributes to the development of a healthy and diverse food culture in Malaysia as well as the creation of jobs in the country.
(Hokto Malaysia Sdn Bhd.)