Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies

(A) Application Period : March every year

(B) Application Due Date for Academic Year 2019 : 30th March 2018

(C) Overview : ( English / Chinese )

(D) Press Release : ( Malay / English / Chinese )

(E) Sample Application Form/ Guidelines Download : Form / Sample / Guidelines
       * Please read the guidelines carefully.  

(F) Application Process (application for academic year 2019):
~ 30 March 2018 Submit application form by due date.
May 2018 Written examinationOnly successful candidates will be notified to sit for the examination.
July 2018 InterviewOnly successful candidates will be notified to attend the interview.
August 2018 Nomination to Tokyo Headquarters.
January ~ February 2019 Notification of nomination result (final result).
April 2019 Depart to Japan.
(1) Late submissions will not be entertained no matter what reasons are given.
(2) Applications without sufficient documents (stated in the guidelines) will not be considered.
(3) Submitted application forms and documents will not be returned, whatever reasons given.
(4) The decision on successful candidates made by the Embassy of Japan is final. Any queries on the final decision will not be entertained.