Visa application appointment

Appointment is required to submit visa application.

Please fill in the information below to make an appointment in advance and wait for us to confirm your appointment before visiting the Embassy.
Time slot available for appointment: Monday to Friday, time can be every half an hour from 9am to 11:30am
Subject of Email: Appointment for visa application
Email content (Please copy and paste the below format )
******************Appointment for visa application******************
1) Full name of visa applicant (same as passport) : Please fill in
2) Nationality : Please fill in 
3) if more than one applicant, list down all visa applicants’ name and relationship with applicant (1)
4) Contact Number : Please fill in
5) Purpose of visit (e.g. tourism, business, visit family, visit friend, spouse to Japanese, COE holder as student/dependent etc) : Please fill in
6) Intended date of travel and length of stay (DD/MM/YY) :Please fill in
Example:1-15 Dec, 2023(15days)
7) Current Place of Residence in Malaysia : Please fill in State
8) For business visa application, Company's name and address in Malaysia : Please fill in
9) For non-Malaysian applicant, please email a copy of your Malaysia long term stay visa
10) For visa application with COE (Certificate of Eligibility), please email a copy of your COE
11) Preferred date and time of visit to the Embassy:
* Time can be every half an hour, from 9:00am to 11:30am.
First choice: Please fill in date and time
Second choice: Please fill in date and time
Third choice: Please fill in date and time
Note: If the slot is not available upon receiving your request, we will give you the next available slot.

12) Submission by travel agent (only for package tour), kindly provide additional information below:
   I. Full name of travel agent PIC who will come to submit application:
   II. Contact number:
   III. Name of travel agency:
   IV. a copy of all participants’ list (with your company letterhead)including the vise applicant’s name of for your tour package (itinerary and accommodation)