Message of deep appreciation to the Government of Malaysia for helping the Japanese nationals abroad to return safely

The Embassy of Japan would like to express its sincerest appreciation, on behalf of the Government of Japan, to the Government of Malaysia, in particular, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia, for their generous arrangements to help the stranded Japanese nationals overseas to return to their homes safely.
On 18th April, the Malaysian Embassy in Lima, Peru, chartered a special Amaszonas flight and sent back 26 Malaysians who were in Peru and Bolivia. On this occasion, the Malaysian Embassy in Lima kindly allowed foreign nationals who had also been in Peru and Bolivia due to the shut-down, including 21 Japanese nationals, on board the aircraft. The chartered flight departed from La Paz, Bolivia, later stopped in Lima, Peru, before arriving at Sao Paulo, Brazil at 16:30 on 18th April.
Furthermore, the Embassy of Japan is deeply grateful for the support and coordination extended by the Government of Malaysia for Japanese nationals stranded in Algeria to return to Japan via Malaysia. 9 Japanese nationals were on board Air Asia X’s flight together with a number of Malaysians, arriving at KLIA on 24th April, and returned safely to Japan on 26th April.
Their home-coming would not have been made possible without the kind assistance extended by the Government of Malaysia. The Embassy of Japan is deeply grateful to the Malaysian government for its generosity and humanitarian consideration.
The Embassy of Japan would also like to take this opportunity to express it profound respect for the Malaysian government’s globally recognized efforts in tackling the challenges of COVID-19. Japan will remain committed to extend it full support to Malaysia to jointly cope with the common challenges of COVID-19.