Japanese Businesses Promotion at the Reception Celebrating the Birthday of His Majesty, the Emperor of Japan

The Embassy of Japan hosts the reception to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty, the Emperor of Japan every year. This year’s reception is planned on November 29.

Regarding the reception as a valuable opportunity to promote and communicate “the beauty of Japan”, the Embassy would like to invite Japanese companies and their local subsidiaries in Malaysia to participate in the reception by displaying and providing their products.
Who can apply:    Japanese companies and their local subsidiaries  
 (e.g. cars, TV displays and Japanese foods etc.)
Conditions:  Send at least 1 staff to promotion booth
Application deadline: 15th October 2018 (Mon)
Application method:  Send the following information by email or fax:
1. Brief information on your company
2. List of goods to be promoted

<address and fax number>
Email: business@kl.mofa.go.jp
Fax: 03-2142-6570
Space Available:   Approximately 1.5m x 2m for each participant (indoor or in the garden)
(Other space might be arranged based on the size and nature of goods to be promoted.)
PR method:  1. Display and/or free distribution of goods
2. Distribution of flyers, pamphlet etc.
    (PR method should not be conflicting with the purpose and atmosphere of the reception.)
Cost:  All costs incurred for setting up the promotion booth including material costs and staff cost etc should be
borne by the participating company.
Selection method:  If there are more applicants than the space available at the venue, participating company will be chosen in
consideration of the purpose of the reception, nature of goods and company’s past experience etc.
Result announcement: The Embassy will inform each applicant of the result.
Notes:  The Embassy will not take any responsibility for any accidents occurred during the promotional activities,
and we may ask for the repair cost of any damages to the venue that incurred during the promotion.
Please refer to the following for any enquiries:

Tel: 03-2177 2600 (Mr. Sosuke Tanaka/Mr. Komura)
Email: business@kl.mofa.go.jp