Logo Design Competition in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Look East Policy

The next year, 2022, marks the 40th anniversary of the Look East Policy. The Malaysian government has launched a logo design completion in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of the Look East Policy to highlight the anniversary with a number of commemorative events.
The Competition is open to all Malaysians as well as Japanese nationals residing in Malaysia and Japan, aged 18 years old and above. The competition closes on 20 November 2021, 5.00 pm (Malaysian Time). For more info, check the terms and conditions.

[About the Look East Policy]
Since the Malaysian government adopted the Look East Policy (LEP) in 1982, aiming at social and economic development in Malaysia through learning from Japan, a number of promising Malaysian youth have come to Japan for study and training. They have been active in the frontlines in various fields back in Malaysia, playing an important role as a bridge to connect the two countries.
Under the cooperation between the two governments, the fruit of the LEP is not just limited to Malaysians who study in Japan. It has expanded to include development of infrastructure and human resource and resulted in Malaysia’s economic growth and prosperity. Today, there are a number of Japanese students learning in Malaysia’s unique multi-cultural environment and promoting the Japan-Malaysia mutual exchange.
The 40th anniversary is a great opportunity to publicize the significant roles the LEP has played and to encourage the Japanese and Malaysians to go hand-in-hand toward the future in promoting their mutual understanding and friendly cooperation in various fields.